Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Auburn vs. Georgia - last game of the season!!

David and Anna are going to bring Amsterdam turkey wraps and I'll bring chicken fingers.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Auburn vs. Tennessee

Hey guys, it sounds like we might have a small group this week, so I was thinking we could scale back on the food...maybe just snacks. I will bring a dip and dessert and Anna is going to bring some fruit, dessert and Chex Mix. Let me know if this sounds okay or if there's another idea...

Anna- fruit, dessert, chex mix
Elizabeth- dip and dessert
Michael and Jenna- chicken salad
Tom- chicken fingers
Brad and Jennifer- mini calzones, or we'll just pick up beer again

Michael says we're good on soft drinks and we paid for the gas in the generator last week so, unless anyone has a specific request or concern, I think we're good to go. See everybody Saturday.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

9/20/08 Auburn v. LSU

Alright peeps, I know it's a week and a half away...but we've got a big game coming up with LSU at home. It's a night game (6:45 pm) and it's on ESPN. I'm assuming we're going to have a big crowd so let's start talking about who's bringing what. We need People to sign up for more than one if it is a small item. Most of us should spend around $30-$40

Main Dish - Turkey Sandwiches (Otwell and Jenna)
Main Dish - brats (Matt and Leslie)
Main Dish - chicken fingers (Elizabeth)
Sides - sausage balls (Matt and Leslie)
Sides - vegetable tray (Jay and Annie)
Sides - Ham/Cheese Biscuit (Otwell and Jenna)
Dessert - brownies (Matt and Leslie)
Dessert - cupcakes (Tom)
Drink - handle of bourbon (Terence)
Drink - handle of vodka (Josh)
Drinks - 1 case Coors Light (Jay and Annie)
Drinks - 2 cases Miller Lite (Brad and Jennifer)
Drinks - 2 cases Miller Lite (Tom)
Drinks - Coke and Diet Coke (Brad and Jennifer) , Sprite (Josh), 1 case of each (24 cans)
Gas $$ to pay Michael for Generator - $30 (David and Anna)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

9/6/08 Auburn vs. Southern Miss

Well with an 11:30 kickoff and a scaled back crowd, we should probably be thinking about options for a smaller tailgate this week. Let me know if anyone has any special requests or ideas.

Michael/Jenna- sandwiches, sausage balls

Monday, August 25, 2008

8/30/08 Auburn vs. La. Monroe

It's the first tailgate of the year and we need to start with a bang! Let's talk about food...who's bringing what? Remember it's a night game (6:00 p.m.).

I think the headcount so far is up to 15; David & Anna, Elizabeth, Matt & Leslie, Jay, Tom, Michael & Jenna, Brad & Jennifer, Josh & Meghan, and the Furlowes

Main Dish - David and Anna - Amsterdam turkey wraps
Main Dish - Otwell- Ham and cheese, turkey and bacon sandwiches
Sides - Brad-black bean salsa and corn chips, fruit salad
Sides - Otwell- Chicken bites
Sides - Tom- Chicken dip and crackers
Dessert - Josh- brownies
Dessert - Matt- cookies
Beer -Brad- Miller Lite-2 cases
Beer - Tom- Miller Lite- 1 case
Vodka and Mixers - Josh, orange juice
Bourbon and Mixers - Elizabeth, cokes and diet cokes
Drinks - Matt- sweet tea
Drinks - Jay- sprite